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Image Sensor Specifications

A useful and up to date list of digital image sensors as used in the currently available range of industrial cameras. Many of the sensors listed here are used in the camera devices available from Scorpion Vision. If there is a specific sensor you require in a camera, please contact us.

If you'd like to find a camera with the lens of your choice, simply click on the sensor model to see a list of camera with that sensor.

Updated 7th October, 2020

Sensor Optical Formats and their Actual Size

Image Sensor Sizes from Scorpion Vision

The diagonal size refers to the amount of active pixels used on the camera

There is no standard within the optical format of sensors, so the size within a sensor format can vary (even between sensors from the same manufacturer.

Sony Sensors


Sony Sensor ModelsPixel Size (Micron)ShutterSensor SizeResolution
IMX2673.45Global1"4104 x 2174
IMX3043.45Global1.1"4104 x 3006
IMX2902.9Rolling1/3"1936 x 1096
IMX1745.86Global1/1.2"1936 x 1216
IMX2495.86Global1/1.2"1936 x 1216
IMX2653.45Global1/1.8"2056 x 1542
IMX2643.45Global2/3"2456 x 2054
IMX1782.4Rolling1/1.8"3088 x 2076
IMX2876.9Global1/2.9"728 x 544
IMX2733.45Global1/2.9"1456 x 1088
IMX2362.8Rolling1/2.8"1944 x 1224
IMX2261.85Rolling1/1.7"4000 x 3000
IMX1832.4Rolling1"5544 x 3694
IMX2553.45Global1"4104 x 2174
IMX2533.45Global1.1"4104 x 3006
IMX2523.45Global1/1.8"2064 x 1544
IMX2503.45Global2/3"2464 x 2056
IMX2912.9Rolling1/2.8"1945 x 1097
IMX2191.12Rolling1/4"3296 x 1097
IMX1351.12Rolling1/3.06"3136 x 4224
IMX2981.12Rolling1/2.8"4720 x 3600
IMX1791.4Rolling1/3.2"3288 x 2512
IMX4214.5Global2/3"1936 x 1464
IMX4771.55Rolling1/2.3"4056 x 3040


ICX618A5.6Global1/4"692 x 504
ICX445A3.75Global1/3"1280 x 960
ICX274A4.4Global1/1.8"1620 x 1220
ICX445The CCD Sensor ICX445 is no longer available. This can be replaced with IMX273.

OnSemi Aptina

OnSemi Aptina Sensor ModelsPixel Size (Micron)ShutterSensor SizeResolution
OnSemi P13004.8Global1/2"1280 x 1024
OnSemi P20004.8Global2/3"1920 x 1200
OnSemi P50004.8Global1"2592 x 2048
MT9J0031.67Rolling1/2.3"3856 x 2764
MT9V0246Global1/3"752 x 480
AR01343.75Global1/3"1280 x 960
MT9P0062.2Rolling with Global Start1/2"2560 x 1920
MT9M0213.75Global1/3"1280 x 960
AR01353.75Global1/3"1280 x 960
MT9P0312.2Rolling with Global Start1/2"2560 x 1920
MT9V0346Global1/3"752 x 480
MT9N0011.75Rolling1/2.3"3488 x 2616
MT9F0021.4Rolling1/2.3"4608 x 3288
MT9P0012.2Rolling1/2.5"2592 x 1944
AR1820HS1.25Rolling1/2.3"4912 x 3684
Vita 13004.8Global1/2"1280 x 1024
Vita 20004.8Global2/3"1920 x 1200
Mano 96002.4Rolling2/3"3840 x 2500
Vita 50004.8Global1"2592 x 2048
IBIS 43.5Rolling1"2210 x 3002


CMOSIS Sensor ModelsPixel Size (Micron)ShutterSensor SizeResolution 
CMV20005.5Global2/3"2048 x 1088
CMV40005.5Global1"2048 x 2048


Omnivision Sensor ModelsPixel Size (Micron)ShutterSensor SizeResolution 
OV26402.2Rolling1/4"1600 x 1200
OV56421.4Rolling1/4"2592 x 1944
OV56471.4Rolling1/4"2592 x 1944
OV72513Global1/7.5"640 x 480
OV92813Global1/4"1280 x 800
OV76752.5Rolling1/9"640 x 480
OV77256Rolling1/4"640 x 480
OV36401.75Rolling1/4"2048 x 1536
OV56401.4Rolling1/4"2592 x 1944
OV27103Rolling1/2.7"1920 x 1080


Micron Sensor ModelsPixel Size (Micron)ShutterSensor SizeResolution 
MT9D1112.8Rolling1/3.2"1600 x 1200
MT9M0015.2Rolling1/2"1280 x 1024
MT9V1115.6Rolling1/4"640 x 480
MT9V0226Global1/3"752 x 480


Sharp Sensor ModelsPixel Size (Micron)ShutterSensor SizeResolution 
RJ33B4AD0DT7.4Global1/3"660 x 494