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Food and Beverage Sector

Machine Vision Excellence for the Food and Beverage Industries

In a challenging production environment, Scorpion machine vision and ID products provide food and beverage manufacturers with reliable inspection, verification and traceability solutions regardless of product size, shape and speed of line. 

Our solutions, combined with extensive application expertise, enable our customers to meet tough packaging, safety and quality goals through:

  • Product Quality
  • Assembly Verification
  • Package Inspection
  • Traceability and Compliance
  • Process Control
  • Supply Chain Management 

We have provided a range of machine vision solutions for a variety of applications, from product sortation by colour and shape, to identifying defected line items, guidance for robotic pick and place, as well as accurate assembly verification.

Scorpion Application examples:

  • Verify presence of caps and safety seals on bottles
  • Colour sorting and inspection
  • Automate production with the ability to sort products or orient them for filling or packing
  • Detect presence of inserted or attached leaflets on packaging
  • Check for missing, incorrect, or damaged product
  • Inspect for flawed product in bottles and other packaging
  • Check label position

Fresh or live produce presents special challenges for machine vision and automated inspection. Scorpion Vision is probably the market leading technology in this field with a portfolio that includes many innovations, such as automated fish vaccination which uses Scorpion Vision to accurately identify the fish before safely locating the injection point.

Together with our partners we have designed and built solutions that inspect fresh produce allowing the Agriculture sector to automate traditionally labour intensive and time consuming production, particularly when it comes to post harvest processing.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help improve your manufacturing quality and performance.


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