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Low Cost Camera Modules for Nvidia Jetson

The Nvidia Jetson computing platform has only reached mass awareness in the professional machine vision world in relatively recent times. 

This is probably attributable to the acceptance of machine learning technologies which work well with GPU based systems such as the Nvidia devices. Although neural networks and deep learning algorithms have been around for a number of years, there has been scepticism within the factory automation fraternity about the use of neural nets, mainly because we have not felt in control of the decision making process!

That has changed in recent times and now the excitement around embedded computing with AI has displaced the excitement that existed for 3D machine vision just a year or so ago. We have not carried out any extensive research into this phenomenon so the statement should be taken at face value - except for the fact that there is great interest in the use of low cost camera devices that work with the Nvidia Jetson series.

The Nvidia Jetson has a GPU and is a surprisingly powerful computing platform for very little money. Add some low cost cameras and you have a serious machine vision platform with deep learning capability. 

We supply cameras from Arducam that can be connected directly to the Nvidia devices. Single and multi-camera solutions are available and new products are coming to market all the time.

For example, the image below shows the multi-camera multiplexer connected to an Nvidia Jetson Nano - with four cameras. 

We hold stock for next day delivery, you can buy online here.